Niseko as the Next-generation Global Magnet


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Niseko as the Next-generation Global Magnet

People are increasingly interested in changing locations, and the line between short-term visit, tourism and lifestyle migration is more and more blurred. Regions and cities around the world claim to be unique and special to lure people, and Niseko in Hokkaido is no exception. Locals know that Niseko is the place where clean nature enables a high quality of life. However, the challenge is translating this outdoor magnificence for individuals who might not be familiar with the nuances of Niseko's nature, way of living, or community. This project seeks to answer a pivotal question: How can we authentically and effectively brand Niseko to resonate with future tourists, families, experts, and freelancers from around the world? Focusing on authenticity and sustainable consumerism, your mission is to capture Niseko's unique essence and create physical and digital services that offer immersive and impactful experiences. In this project, you will build a future where Niseko becomes a global magnet for individuals seeking a life enriched by its outstanding outdoor offerings.
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Joonas Kemppainen
Joonas Kemppainen

Director, Key Digital Technologies

+358 50 529 1845

Netta Hongisto
Netta Hongisto

Co-creation expert

+358 50 369 8789

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31 Oct 2023




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08 Nov 2023

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06 Feb 2024

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