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In the not-so-distant future, advances in telecommunication technologies and space travel may enable the relocation of data centers to Earth's orbit. In this project, let’s assume that money is not an issue. We are used to design services that run on data centers and server rooms on earth. With satellite internet already a reality, and the advent of 6G and 7G on the horizon, the technologies are on the way, but there are many questions left to answer. What opportunities and challenges does the placement of data centers in space present? What new paradigms in designing digital services and applications will emerge? How to take full advantage of the benefits and mitigate the possible challenges? How are these changes reflected in the end-user experience? In this project we aim at building demos of digital services that are ran on the data centers in space to highlight the new opportunities and changing design principles. The team has the freedom to choose which contexts in digital services to focus on. Apply to the project and be part of exploring the next generation digital service development!
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Janne Eskola
Janne Eskola


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Heini-Marja Rintaniemi
Heini-Marja Rintaniemi

Program Manager

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13 Mar 2024

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30 May 2024

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