21st Century Honey Production

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21st Century Honey Production

The economic rentability and sustainable practices used to obtain traditional rich values products are nowadays a challenge. This project invites us to explore the modern tools to improve the quality, rentability and sustainability of honey production, as an example of a traditional product. Honey is a well-known product for its nutritional value and its importance for health is fully described. It is a traditional product integrated into the Mediterranean diet. This diet was declared by UNESCO in 2010 as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and ranked for the 7th consecutive year as the healthiest one by the US News & World Report. The preservation of honey production in a sustainable way has been threatened in the last few years. The invasion of Europe by V. velutina is a threat to sustainable and profitable honey production. The confirmation of the presence of this invader in Portugal happened in 2011 in Viana do Castelo and the environment, biodiversity, public health and apiculture have been affected since that time. However, several other variables must be analyzed and could be a concern to preserve the apiculture. On the other hand, we watch an increase in interest in traditional high-quality products and derivatives. Finding a way to communicate and produce honey and honey derivatives is a challenge. What modern tools can be used to improve the rentability of honey production and honey derivatives incorporated in the new trends of consumption? What are the variables that can affect apiculture considering the new needs of young generations?
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05 Apr 2024


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