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Authentic Regions (Ostrava)

Many regions and cities around the world claim to be unique and special. For locals these upsides might be visible and self-evident, but for people living somewhere else these upsides don’t really spark the interest. In the future we will most likely move towards global citizenships which in turn will open up the possibilities of where to live and work (in EU this is already the case). In this scenario we need better ways of communicating and branding our regions, especially in Ostrava region. The aging society, urbanization, and many other megatrends drive people to bigger cities even though research tells us the quality of life in smaller areas is higher. How might we take new, bold and authentic approach to branding Ostrava region for the future families, experts and freelancers? What are the most crucial values or benefits of Ostrava in the future? How should we communicate these upsides for potential global audience? In this project we want to look for fresh, bold options to brand Ostrava region for future experts, freelancers and families! The aim is to concept different visual elements and examples of marketing materials that demonstrate the best parts of Ostrava region. And remember, not everyone needs to like the new brand, but the target audience needs to love it!
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