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Lit Up! (Ostrava)

Cars have been designed in similar way for a long time. Four tyres, engine, windshield, steel chassis, etc... While cars have remained very familiar from the outside, lots of changes have been happening under the hood. The cars are nowadays basically smart technology platforms observing, sensing and sharing information. Since the introduction of LED technology different cool concept cars have been designed where the outside panels of cars have been switched to LED panels (for example: In this project we want to explore the possibilities of utilizing these LED panels for solving real-world problems! How might we utilize the LED body panels to communicate important information to our surroundings? How might we use the panels while driving or while the car is parked? How would the pedestrians, other drivers or bike riders react to the LED light show on your car? How socially acceptable and safe would it be and how to make it approachable and informative? Join the project to turn fun decorative gadgets into useful and important parts of our everyday lives. In this project we will concept and visualize numerous different use cases and finally build a demos out of the best ones!
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Janne Eskola


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13 Mar 2024

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30 May 2024

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