Light the Road Ahead (Ostrava)


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Light the Road Ahead (Ostrava)

Lighting in cars is one of the most crucial safety features and latest LED technologies have taken it even further. The cool thing about LED is that the precision and flexibility has been taken to whole other level. With LED’s you can basically project whatever you want on the road. This opens up new venues for expanding the driving experience. Currently the legislation regarding car lighting is restrictive, but in this project we want to assume legal issues won’t stand in the way of great demos and concepts. How might we take full advantage of headlamps and rear lights with the new lighting technologies? Assuming costs are not an issue, what information and in what situations could be projected onto the road and surroundings? How could the car lighting act as a communication tool for pedestrians and bike riders? How about accidents or other unwanted and unusual situations? How might we increase the feeling of safety on our roads? Come and join this project to create visual concepts and demos to showcase the potential value of car lighting. This project is going to be focused heavily on visual concepts and, if time allowes, even prototyping different solutions.
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