Data-enhanced Drivers (Ostrava)


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Data-enhanced Drivers (Ostrava)

Modern cars are gathering terabytes of data on daily basis about the mechanical and electrical systems of a car, how the car is being used, what are the preferences of the user, etc... Majority of the data is unused or used only for big data purposes on the performance and maintenance of the cars. There is huge potential to start utilizing the data to improve the user experience and creating more precise driving style profile for the individual drivers. This could lead to totally new levels of personalized experience for the car owners. How might we utilize the vast amounts of data generated by cars to offer more personalized experience for the driver? How does the personalized experience feel like and how does it materialize for the driver? What new demands and requirements would these new concepts generate from the data processing point of view? Join us in taking the most out of the driver experience with data! In this project we are looking into the data already generated by cars and turning that into new concepts and demos that elevate the driving experience.
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