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Track the Driver (Ostrava)

Checking your phone. Adjusting the sound system and air confitioning. Checking how the backseat passengers are doing. We all do this on daily basis. The problem is we should be focusing on driving the car. Many accidents and close-call situations could be avoided if car drivers would be focusing on the one thing they should focus on. Car manufacturers have started to pay more attention to helping the drivers stay alert and focus with new technologies, like machine vision. In this project we want to dive deeper into improving the safety on the roads, but also look for additional value from knowing what happens inside a car. How might we utilize machine vision and eye-tracking technology to support car driver to stay alert and focus? What additional, valuable information could be offered to the drivers? What about the other passengers in the car? How might we add value and safety by monitoring them as well? We are interested in how would “in-car activity” monitoring help the drivers and passengers to enjoy their journey safely and comfortably. Join the project to build concepts and tech demos to showcase the new value for future car owners!
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Janne Eskola
Janne Eskola


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