Blueprint for Future-proof Living in Japan


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Blueprint for Future-proof Living in Japan

Japan is faced with the need of transforming its built living environments to adjust to environmental and social challenges, such as climate change and changing demographics. For example, extreme weather and natural disasters consequent to climate change are increasing the need of more durable materials, while ageing population and evolving family structures are shaping the demand for adaptable and accessible housing designs. The intersection of these environmental and social challenges calls for innovative architectural and urban planning solutions that prioritize sustainability, resilience, and inclusive living environments. In this project, we aim to create concepts of next-generation living environments that support the wellbeing of our planet as well as people in Japan by exploring questions such as: How can future Japanese homes can stand the test of time, while promoting adaptable spaces for the generations to come? How might sustainable design enhance people's wellbeing and overall quality of life? What kind of technology and services can support future-proof living in Japan, with changing lifestyles and modes of working? Join the project to shape the blueprint for the next generation of sustainable living spaces in Japan!
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Joonas Kemppainen
Joonas Kemppainen

Director, Key Digital Technologies

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Netta Hongisto
Netta Hongisto

Co-creation expert

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06 Feb 2024

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