Empowering SME's Social Transparency

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Empowering SME's Social Transparency

Welcome to the Empowering SME Social Transparency project, where innovation meets sustainability. Our mission is to revolutionize how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) present their social sustainability initiatives to the global stage, aligning with the United Nations Global Impact initiative. In a world increasingly focused on sustainable practices, SMEs play a crucial role. However, many lack the tools and visibility to transparently display their social sustainability efforts to international stakeholders. This project aims to bridge that gap by developing user-friendly solutions tailored to SMEs, making their sustainability endeavors accessible, comprehensible, and impactful. Our project revolves around a singular objective: to create innovative tools that empower SMEs to transparently showcase their social sustainability efforts. These tools will not only align with the United Nations Global Impact initiative but also simplify the process for SMEs, enabling them to communicate their sustainability journey effectively. In the project, the case in focus will be Demola Global, which executes innovation projects on a global scale and wants to understand this aspect for more transparent sustainability communication. Alongside you, you’ll have your facilitators but also the teacher Ricardo Freitas (rifreitas@estg.ipvc.pt), who will all guide you through the entire process.
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27 Oct 2023


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30 Oct 2023

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19 Jan 2024

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