Crafting Value-oriented E-commerce Services


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Crafting Value-oriented E-commerce Services

Shopping has shifted from physical world to online and in this project the aim is to further revolutionize online shopping. Our goal is to shift the focus away from competing solely on price and instead create services that add value for consumers. We're exploring ways to improve the online shopping experience by offering services that truly benefit shoppers. In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, we want to move beyond the race for the lowest price tag. Instead, we're looking for practical and innovative services that make online shopping better for consumers. These services should address pain points, make shopping more convenient, and build stronger connections between consumers and brands. What if we could create services that not only simplify the online shopping process but also surprise and delight consumers along the way? What if these services could make consumers feel more connected to the brands they shop from? We're not just thinking about what these services could be, but also how they should work seamlessly within the e-commerce world. And, we're considering how these services can boost sales, not just by attracting shoppers but also by encouraging them to complete their purchases and come back for more. What if these services could make online shopping so enjoyable that it becomes a regular part of consumers' lives? What if these services could redefine how consumers perceive value in online shopping? As the end deliverables, we are hoping to have tangible demos of an e-commerce environment that goes beyond just price and delivers real value, satisfaction, and convenience to shoppers everywhere.
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Joonas Kemppainen
Joonas Kemppainen

Director, Key Digital Technologies

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Paulo Portovedo
Paulo Portovedo

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