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Greener Journeying

Green initiatives among businesses are often hesitated due to lack of economical feasibility - there is no trust that people will live by their expressed green values, going for the cheap, unsustainable options compared to new, greener choices. The issue has been seen especially among the travelling industry, which is facing major disruptions due to e.g., COVID and pressure for change regarding global warming. In this project we are aiming to explore the travelling industry with you and create never-seen-before solutions that are creating true value for consumers, businesses and stakeholders around them. What might be the services created for travelling in the future that enable enjoyment and shame-free world exploration, but are also viable business? Could flight travel change itself into a reasonably sustainable travelling option, or could other means of passenger transportation dethrone airplanes? How will travelling paradigms change from travellers' point-of-view with these new models? As the end result, this project aims at practical models that have the potential to dethrone current unsustainable travelling means with sustainable, and likely surprising models of world exploration.
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Joonas Kemppainen
Joonas Kemppainen

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Paulo Portovedo

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