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Hey Siri, Make Me Rich!

The technological development and increasingly complex understanding of economy have enabled creation of vast number of investment and economical models. On the other hand, the threshold to start utilizing even the more simple savings or investment models as a financially uneducated individual is surprisingly high. The emergence of open banking, where banking data is shared with between different parties to create value for the individual, might create interesting opportunities to disrupt the industry. In this project, the purpose is to create services and products that utilize open banking elements and novel technologies to make saving and investing accessible and motivating especially for those who don't want to spend their time in understanding how their money works for them. What if individual's everyday choices and activities were somehow tied to their investments, enabling natural, indirect interaction with their investment portfolio? How might individual promote their personal values through their investments with ease? How should a traditional bank approach the emergence of open banking to provide services for completely new customer segments?
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Jere Wessman
Jere Wessman

Creative Director

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Joonas Kemppainen
Joonas Kemppainen

Director, Key Digital Technologies

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06 Sept 2023

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26 Oct 2023

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