The Sports Park of Future


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The Sports Park of Future

Hakametsä is known as the ice hockey sanctuary of Finland. However, it has already aged and the new Nokia Areena serves as the top-level ice hockey venue in Tampere. That being said, the area of Hakametsä is planned to become a major sports park that would serve as hubs for sports and recreational activities. It would provide a safe and organized environment for people of all ages and skill levels to participate in sports, improve their physical fitness, and enjoy leisure time. They also host organized sports events, tournaments, and other competitions, as well as offer coaching, training, and educational programs related to sports and fitness. Within this project, the point is to propose concepts outside of the current design scope of Hakametsä to create a new layer of value for the most exciting sports park of the future. What kind of opportunities would be enabled if the most advanced sports-related technologies were systematically implemented in a sports park? What if a sports park became the powerhouse of sports research with heavy, integrated presence of dedicated, high-level academia? How should individuals and teams be included in the everyday activities to build a genuine community around the sports park?
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Jere Wessman

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