Difference-making Technologies

Theme introduction

The difficult-to-predict development of future technologies provides humankind scenarios varying from utopic, machine-assisted wonderland and genetically enhanced living organisms to dystopic apoacalypse lead by robot overlords. There are advancements of technology in its good, bad and ugly forms, how will they change the world we live in?

Modern, developed civilizations are run by technological innovations. Various fields are taken over by competitors harnessing modern technology efficiently, rendering many former approaches obsolete. The technological development has only gained more speed in the recent past and COVID-19 has made many of us increasingly dependent of modern technology, forcing also non-tech savvy individuals to find means of getting along with digital technologies. As the linear futures of humanity are being exchanged for the big uncertainty, what might it be bringing upon us when looking through the technological lens?

Ongoing challenges from March to December 2021

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Things to know


  • Team size 5-6 persons
  • Dozens of teams in 2021
  • Multidisciplinary and global
  • Facilitated 8 weeks process
  • 100% Online
  • Members of the team own the rights to the results they create during these projects


  • Demola project has an official Finnish government accreditation as university level education (EQF 6 and EQF 7).
  • You will be granted credit points after a successful project execution either from your home university or from our partners

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