Multipolarization in our Societies

Theme introduction

Individuals are a collection of different roles; we are constantly finding new communities to identify ourselves with. As societies diversify and get even more fragmented, the multitude of different role combinations is growing exponentially. What will be the individuals’ roles and the bubbles within societies of tomorrow? How can we keep everyone in the same roundtable when disagreements become more complex?

“Us versus them” has been one of themes of the last decade. Will this divisive theme continue, or will the societies of the future be more united? What are questions, problems and opportunities of tomorrow that will create, polarize or reduce tensions? How can we guarantee the equal rights of women and children? Who are the next generations leaders and how will they help making our societies better for everyone?

Ongoing challenges from March to December 2021

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Things to know


  • Team size 5-6 persons
  • Dozens of teams in 2021
  • Multidisciplinary and global
  • Facilitated 8 weeks process
  • 100% Online
  • Members of the team own the rights to the results they create during these projects


  • Demola project has an official Finnish government accreditation as university level education (EQF 6 and EQF 7).
  • You will be granted credit points after a successful project execution either from your home university or from our partners

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