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Value Creators of Tomorrow


Theme introduction

Value creation is on a constant change, molded by the development of industries, societies and technologies. A traditional product may turn into a service, or a service may become a digital product as transformation is constantly present around us. We have become more willing and flexible to adapt new technologies and radical service innovations.

Start an exploration trip into the future and discover new perspectives and opportunities on what your business could rely on tomorrow.

Upcoming project timelines

01 Sep 2023 – 27 Oct 2023

(Apply before 27 August 2023)

12 Oct 2023 – 07 Dec 2023

(Apply before 08 October 2023)

Project topics

Find your spark and get started! Tell us which project topics are interesting to you and we will assemble teams to work on them.

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Things to know


  • Team size 5-6 persons
  • Dozens of teams every year
  • Multidisciplinary and global
  • Facilitated 8-10 weeks process
  • Members of the team own the rights to the results they create during these projects

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