One for Humanity

Your contribution for positive change

The need for solutions has never been higher than right now. Humankind recognizes the global issues very well, but the global solutions are still missing. What are the opportunities and innovations that will spark optimism towards our common future? Could Finland be the one to give a platform for the most talented young innovators to create the solutions that define this century’s ecological, social, political, technological, and economic progress?


The world is changing fast, and the only question is, who will change it. Let yourself be the expert of change and apply now!

Ongoing challenges from March to December 2021

Next Batches:

03 September – 29 October

(Apply before 29 August)

08 October – 03 December

(Apply before 26 September)

28 October – 16 December

(Apply before 17 October)


It is your point-of-view that matters. It needs to be seen.

One For Humanity is a channel for you to create an impact along with thousands of other generation-z representatives around the world.

City lockdowns, travel restrictions and service shutdowns have revealed many underlying tensions our humanity is facing. We are designing a set of bold and complex challenges and now looking for talented visionaries with a desire to change the world, ability to challenge the status quo and courage to take responsibility on execution of a design project.

Accepted students will work in 5-member interdisciplinary teams in a future oriented challenge related to the themes they apply to. 8-week process is a combination of Strategic Foresight and Design Thinking methodologies and facilitated by Demola Foresight Experts. You will have an opportunity to work in a project with the brightest minds from all over the world.

Student teams will have the ownership for intellectual property created during the projects. Selected students throughout the world will be granted up to 8 official ECTS credits through the Finnish Higher Education System.*

*Students in higher education institutions with a Demola course will be granted the study credits from their home institution and those without the access to a Demola course will be granted 8 ECTS credits through Demola's partnering Finnish higher education institution.

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